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Joshua Caleb

Joshua Caleb
Born and raised in New York, Joshua’s infatuation for art quickly became a passion at an early age as he was exposed to fellow New York artists: Keith Haring,
Alex Katz and Kaws. He went on to study under award-winning children’s book illustrator, Jacqueline Rogers, excelling in the watercolor and charcoal mediums. During this time, the progression of his work took flight and he was accepted into the prestigious Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. However, Joshua decided to take a different route by attending Boston College, graduating in 2015. He went on to play 4 years in the NFL before stepping away from the professional sport
to pursue his passion for art. The SoFlo Superflat artist is known for his signature bright colors which are intended to evoke optimism and inspiration.

A rising star in the art world and to his recent credit, Joshua has already exhibited at Art Basel Miami. He can boast a collaboration with Lamborghini as the rare artist in the company history commissioned to paint one of the famous exotic sports cars. Additionally, COACH Tapestry – a division of the parent modern luxury accessories and lifestyle collections brand and known for their artist collaborations – commissioned hand-painted handbags and merchandise from the artist last year. Further, the skyrocketing Kombucha beverage company JuneShine awarded Joshua the opportunity to create a signature can design for one of the company’s Ambassadors – Olympic Gold Medalist Sage Kotsenburg.
Joshua Caleb - Lamborghini Commission