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Secondary Market Artworks

Here you will find artworks available on the Secondary Market from my client's collections. They have been personally viewed and inspected by me, or an art specialist for authentication and/or an appraiser in some cases. 
Common reasons for the need to sell an artwork are wide and varied. While there are many avenues these days to list an artwork for sale, going through the transaction process can be a harrowing experience for a collector, thus requiring assistance from a known, credible and established third party.

As I have built trusting relationships with my clientele over the years, I now offer services to find placement for the artworks they wish to sell. This includes inspection of the artwork, marketing and promoting the artwork for sale, managing the transaction between the seller and buyer: negotiating the transaction price and including the transfer of funds between the parties as well as the logistics for the delivery of artwork to the buying client. Other requests from the buying client may include a request for authentication certification, an appraisal or securing a letter of provenance with supporting documentation when available. These latter services, aside from my commission fee, will incur additional transaction fees and are quoted on a case by case basis. 
If you have an artwork you would like to make available for sale I will look forward to hearing from you to discuss the possibility.