Artist Robert Wechsler - Currency Artist -
Wishing Well Cube 540
Artist Robert Wechsler - 540 Wishing Well Cube -


The Wishing Well Cube has a beautiful story behind it. So, I thought I would take this time to share it with you while so many of us are hunkered down and perhaps looking for something to capture our heart and imagination.

Robert Wechsler is a multi-talented artist, a sculptor who works with a variety of coins to make his engaging artworks. He shared with me that a friend of his while working at a construction site, where a mall was being demolished, noticed a water fountain full of coins. His friend approached the site manager to ask if he could collect them to pass on to an artist and the answer was "Yes," as they would have just been hauled off with the rest of the debris. Saved, the coins were destined to continue life but albeit anew.

The Artist receives this bounty of coins from his considerate friend. Spending time contemplating their transformation he decided to begin with a cube using 540 of the gleaned pennies. Each one dropped into the "well," aged naturally during their quiet time in the water allowing them to gain their unique patinas, and holding its own Hope, Wish or Dream from the thoughtful individual who tossed it in. 

There is something about these 540 Hopes, Wishes and Dreams being brought together. Private and personal moments now tightly connected by the Artist so intimately became even more powerful as a whole as they got their next chance at life. It is what we ALL hold in common at this time and place as we find ourselves in unexpected community, collectively as a whole...Just like the Wishing Well Cube.




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On a last note, I was inside a grocery store last week and a homeless man had asked someone to buy the two items he was carrying and the answer was no. Then, he asked me. Looking into his eyes, I took the can of chili & beans and the package of hot dogs - paying the few dollars. Finding him outside, I handed him the items. It felt small but perhaps it made the difference for him that day? 

I hope so.

Many struggle to feed themselves and their loved ones more than ever, as we know.

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