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Karlo Arnauda


KARLO ARNAUDA was born in Mexico City in 1975.  He grew up surrounded by artists: a philharmonic father, musical brothers, dancers, painters, mosaic tile designers and sculptors.  His training was influenced by his older brother, Rich Arnauda, a visual artist who motivated him to search for his own style which he found within the technique of Pointillism.

Inspired by tradition, color, and aesthetics inclusive of Mexican motifs, he discovered through painting a way to interpret concepts and emotions that are sealed with a technique of intentional movement and vitality. 

In 2010, he decided to devote himself to painting and began taking drawing, brushstroke and painting workshops. Since this time his career as a painter has become established.  He has worked concurrently on mosaic and sculptural pieces such as La Manzana Monumental (The Monumental Apple) at the Historic Center of Zacatlan and El Mural del Maiz (The Mural of Corn) which length surpasses 328 feet.  His artwork can also be found on the floor of the outdoor theater “El Chukan” in the state of Puebla, additional murals can be seen in the state of Morelos as well as many others in Mexico City. Recently, he participated in the painting competition Crop Circles, sponsored by Tercer Milenio, which gave special recognition to Arnauda’s artworks.

Bruvel Fine Arts is proud to have the opportunity to present Arnauda’s work in the United States for the first time.