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Master Matazo Kayama on his Student Chen Wenguang

Matazo Kayama (b. 1927 -d. 2004) is one of the most important 20th century Japanese artists and was Chen Wenguang’s teacher. His comments below about his student, Chen, further reflects the artist’s stature, contributions, and significance in Asia.

“Mr. Chen Wenguang is one student who quickly garnered my attention. Mr. Chen would, by example, become a student at the renown Chinese Painting Department at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. In 1985, in order to continue with his studies, Mr. Chen Wenguang came to Japan. He was admitted in 1987 to the Tokyo University of Arts to study Japanese painting and in 1989 Mr. Chen was accepted into the Master’s Academy at the Tokyo Academy of Arts.

After Mr. Chen’s lengthy study of Japanese painting, he has taken part in many individual and group exhibitions and has received numerous awards not only in China but also in Japan. I believe he is an excellent painter with a bright future, but what I am most interested in are Mr. Chen’s natural talents and the sheer determination of his character.

Mr. Chen is remarkable for the fact that he has not only mastered the technique of Chinese ink painting, but also has successfully grasped the complicated process of Japanese painting, which includes a scientific understanding of the multitude pigment interactions. I always think of Mr. Chen’s hard work and his efforts paid on studying mineral pigments when he was a Master’s student, and now I show my respect to his seriousness and his endless effort devoted to painting.

Several days ago, at the Master Paintings Pro- Seminar, I saw many of Mr. Chen’s outstanding works, which show his creativity and articulateness as a young artist. I stepped away feeling enthusiastically positive about the future development of Japanese painting. I long to see what kind of wonder Mr. Chen’s born talents, creativity, and special efforts will bring to this tradition.”

Written by: Matazo Kayama

From: Chen Wenguang exhibition catalog Nihonga Painting 1990-2007 – pg. 7


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