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Danny Setjo

DANNY SETJO was born in the Netherlands and studied at Brigham Young University and Woodbury University with a focus on design. He has worked with this medium for five years, and finds that he is still uncovering new techniques and materials that offer up unique ways of expressing his artistic vision. He currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Bachelors of Art  |  Woodbury University  |  Design

Artist’s Statement

“Being able to totally immerse oneself in an art medium, such as encaustic, requires both right and left brain thinking that allows one to step away from the day-to-day into a world of creative expression unlike many other forms of art. The natural properties of beeswax forces one to be both creative in design and in engineering in order to manipulate them skillfully to produce a desired and appealing result. This can be a challenge, indeed, as nature seems to have its own rules that requires patience to discover. This process is not unlike the Yin and the Yang—the two make a whole, not one without the other can succeed.”