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Douglas Smith

DOUGLAS SMITH graduated from Woodbury University in Los Angeles with a B.A. in design and business. He has been working with the encaustic medium for nearly a decade and has developed a style that is abstract and contemporary. Often using materials like rust prints, metal, horsehair, campfire charcoal, print media, sidewalk photography, kanji, mark making and more in his work. Doug has taught at Utah State University, and has been published in national design publications and is an award winning designer.


Bachelors of Art  |  Woodbury University  |  Design & Business


Artist’s Statement

“Art has been a vehicle for me to choose visual elements each day that are inspiring and uplifting. 

It has kept my mind busy and soul engaged in visual things that I am passionate about. I am continually fascinated by the odd juxtapositions of pop culture, modern materials and urban life, set against solid and traditional backgrounds. There is a grounding and serenity when color palettes are monochromatic; and an energy with juxtapositions of color compliments. Encaustic allows an artist to bury layers of discovery into a painting—within the wax layers of a piece.”