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Large Fold Out

Large Fold Out

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Scraped Currency + Currency Ink Dust + Test Tubes + Razor Blade + Cotton

8 ¼” x 24"

* Breaching the Creative Block…

The artist’s first consecutively and perfectly hand-scraped series of ten $1 bills.

Note the ink from the bills is scraped in gradation, then gathered – light green to darkest green and the same for the grey to black ink.

It is a mystery, and proprietary to the Artist’s process, how he manages to accomplish this tedious method to such exacting degree. He is the only known artist creating with this practice.

Often in his works the ink dust is reapplied to recreate images, such as trees seen on either side of US currency.

This is the pivotal work in the creation of the Artist's process as it tells the story of the expansion of his works that were to follow. Thus, making it an important companion to the acquisition of his other artworks.

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