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Narkissos - The Narcissist
Narkissos - The Narcissist
Narkissos - The Narcissist

Narkissos - The Narcissist

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Currency Collage

3' x 6'

A classic and cautionary tale of vanity, self-adoration and pride. A rejected lover pleads to goddess Nemesis for revenge on her beloved, Narkissos.

Narkissos is lead to a pool of water by Echo where he helplessly falls in love with the reflection below. It is only after a period of time that he realizes it is his own image but cannot turn away. Rather, he chooses to remain even to his own demise as his renown beauty wastes away.

A powerful and potent lesson in the trappings of human nature.

*An astounding Museum quality artwork. One of the most remarkable works of art one can encountered. A show stopping Masterpiece for the serious Collector.


Zooming in on the image will allow you to see the remarkable detail in this collage consisting of deftly cut and (side by side – not overlapping) meticulously placed national and international currencies.

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