The Passage, Gil Bruvel
The Passage, Gil Bruvel


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14” x 10” x 18 ½”
Edition of 175

THE PASSAGE - The Mythology of Psyche & Cupid is a portrait of Psyche (Greek for Soul) in classical mythology. She is a princess of outstanding beauty who aroused Venus' jealousy and Cupid's love. Jealous Venus commanded her son Cupid (the God of Love) to inspire Psyche with love for the most despicable of men. Instead, Cupid placed Psyche in a remote palace where he could visit her secretly and, by his warning, only in total darkness. One night Psyche lit a lamp and found that the figure at her side was the god of love himself. When a drop of oil from the lamp awakened him, he reproached Psyche and fled. Wandering the earth in search of him, Psyche fell into the hands of Venus, who imposed upon her difficult tasks. Finally, touched by Psyche's repentance Cupid rescued her, and at his instigation, Jupiter made her immortal and gave her in marriage to Cupid.

The artist added the symbolic representation of the maze in the form of her shoulders to refer to the maze of the subconscious. This wonderful museum quality work took Best in Show + First Place at the Farmington Museum in 2006.

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