The Way of the Gun - Justine Smith
Way of the Gun on exhibit at Art & Currency - A Reinterpretation of Cash and Coins


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International Banknotes + 23.5 Carat Gold Leaf + Acrylic on Gesso Panel

45 ¼” x 45 ¼” x 2 ¾”

(Guinean, Bahraini, Myanmar, Iranian, Pakistani, Syrian, North Korean, Iraqi and Zimbabwean currencies.)

Justine is best known for her collage maps and kaleidoscope works. For the latter, it is interesting to note the currencies in this piece come from countries seriously fraught with internal and external conflict. Yet, the artist has cleverly managed to get them to work in harmony with one another. The irony could be seen as profound as well as the artist exercising her sharp wit making shapes from the currency in the form of guns, grenades, missiles, bomber planes, etc... revealed to the unexpecting viewer upon closer inspection.

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